Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. If your query is not listed here, you’re welcome to email for more info.

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Yes! Lessons are offered to everyone from beginners to advanced players. However, it is recommended that children not younger than eight years old book for lessons.

Primarily a cell phone, laptop, tablet or desktop with a camera and a reliable internet connection. A one -hour lesson uses between 750 – 900 megs of data so ensure you have that amount available.

Then obviously a guitar, solid based armless chair, footstool and music stand.

If you have existing music from which you’re working, you’re welcome to continue using that. Otherwise you’ll be directed to websites from which you can legally download music that is out of copyright and in the public domain. In the case of contemporary music that has been published but still in copyright, links can be provided from which you can purchase and download this material.
While every effort will be made to accommodate you, if it is not possible to reschedule the lesson then that lesson will be forfeited. A new booking will then have to be scheduled and paid for.

While a regular lesson day and time is preferable, both in terms of continuity and discipline, we do understand not everyone has regular working hours. If you are unable to commit to a regular time, it’s not a problem! You’re welcome to book lessons as and when you are able, subject to availability. To make a one time booking and payment 4 lessons, click here.  Dates and times of these booked lessons will be discussed directly with James Grace.

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