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1 January 2012
James Grace
Stringwise Records
Producer: Stringwise Records
Number of discs: 1
1.From The United States...Sunburst (1) (Andrew York)
2.From The United States...Sunburst (2) (Andrew York)
3.From The United States...In Sorrow's Wake" (Andrew York)
4.From The United States...Sunshine Rag (Andrew York)
5.From Australia...Kinkachoo, I love you (Philip Houghton)
7.From France...Romance de la Birche (from Three Romances) (Francis Kleynjans) * with Rees MacJag
8.From France...Romance de l'Automne (from Three Romances) (Francis Kleynjans) * with Rees MacJag
9.From France...Romance No. Trois (from Three Romances) (Francis Kleynjans) * with Rees MacJag
10.From South Africa...The Wedding (Abdullah Ibrahim)
15.From Scotland...Isle of Cumbrae From The Clyde Suite (Ron Moore)
16.From England...Cavatina (from the Deer Hunter) (Stanley Myres) * Featuring Janine Neethling

A celebration of the diversity of the guitar with music from countries including America, Australia, Spain, France, England, Scotland, Turkey and South Africa.

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